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At FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary, we work with a permanent, specialised team consisting of Simone Schuls (manager), Juno van Zon, Erin Timmer and Afien Groenhof-Westra. In addition, we receive help from a fixed group of committed volunteers and we offer space to trainees (maximum 1 trainee per period).


Paid vacancies
We currently have 1 paid vacancy: 

Communication and Hospitality Coordinator (M/F/D)

Communication and Hospitality Coordinator (M/F/D)

Fulltime | 40 hours per week | FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary, Friesland, Netherlands

For the entire job opening, see here

Volunteer work
We have a group of committed volunteers who help us in the daily animal care. Sometimes FELIDA is looking for a new volunteer to join our team on a regular basis. For more information, please email to Simone Schuls, manager of FELIDA, via

We hire one trainee per traineeship period, to ensure this trainee receives proper guidance and can learn as much as possible. Because it is important that you get to know the animals and our work as well as possible, we only work with block internships. Interested? Send your CV with a motivation letter (including which period and how many hours you are available) to Simone Schuls, manager of FELIDA, via

Training at FELIDA

Animal caretaker Erin Timmer trains a tiger at FELIDA

More information about volunteering and internships

FELIDA works with a fixed group of committed volunteers. Sometimes we are looking for a new volunteer to join this group on a regular basis. In addition, FELIDA offers students (for example from the education Animal Care, Wildlife Management or Paraveterinary) the opportunity to gain experience during a traineeship with different aspects of the care of big cats in a professional environment and within a nice team of colleagues.

Because FELIDA is difficult to reach by public transport, it is important that volunteers and trainees can come to the sanctuary independently. Employees, volunteers and trainees must be at least 18 years old.

The duties of a volunteer or trainee include:

  • Cleaning: this includes removing manure and food residues from the enclosures, keeping the working environment clean and identifying repair work on the enclosures.
  • Feeding the lions and tigers: this also includes preparing meals.
  • Caring for the lions and tigers: this includes observing any changes in the behaviour of the animals and/or the hierarchy in the group, recognising external abnormalities of the animal and making and giving enrichment material and checking whether it is used.

As a volunteer/trainee you spend about 60% of your time cleaning. Physically, this is demanding work. Furthermore, you are expected to be motivated, disciplined and willing to work on weekends and public holidays. Big cats like lions and tigers are dangerous, you have to follow many safety rules.

Lion Lenci at FELIDA

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