Tiger Tsezar in the grass

Tiger Tsezar

Exploited in a private club


Tiger Tsezar was exploited in a private club in Ukraine and used for intensive breeding. Living among his own faeces, he was left to die. Luckily he could be rescued by local activists.

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A sad start to life

The 11 year old Tsezar had a sad start to life, being exploited in a private club in Ukraine and on top of that, used for intensive breeding. Dehydrated, malnourished and lying in his own faeces, he was left to die.

Thanks to animal rights activists, Tsezar and another tiger, female Kleopatra, were confiscated and brought to Wild Animal Rescue near Kiev as a safe, but temporary solution. Unfortunately, Kleopatra died because of lung cancer.

Special care

In October 2021, FOUR PAWS managed to transfer Tsezar from Ukraine all the way to FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary in the Netherlands. It was a long, exhausting journey in which the team had to undergo multiple time-consuming paperwork procedures. However, we are beyond proud how Tsezar has been holding up. Despite the many hours on the road, Tsezar was doing surprisingly well, being strong and alert. 

Tiger Tsezar in his hammock


Of course, nothing made us feel better than finally watching Tsezar set foot into his new enclosure. The first 24 hours after his arrival, he really needed time to rest. He was exhausted and slept most of the time.

After that he started to relax a bit more. He explored his enclosure, started with some friendly 'chuffs' towards his animal caretakers. But above all, he discovered his new hammock which immediately seemed to get his approval. 

Tiger Tsezar in his pool

Update January 2023: a new enclosure

The relocation of Simba and Nikola created space for our tiger Tsezar to move back to his old enclosure. We know that he feels really at home in his old residence and we can see that the move has a positive effect on him. The beautiful tiger is especially happy to be back in his hammock high above the ground where he can keep an eye on the animal caretakers and neighbours.

It has been a busy time at FELIDA, but this way we ensure that every animal has a home that meets its own special needs.

Updates 2022: a rough start with a happy ending

Tsezar had a rough start of the year. He got a complete and detailed vet check in January. A broken tooth was detected, which was removed successfully. Along with that, an ultrasound of his kidneys and heart were done and fortunately all was good. However as we already suspected, it turned out his chronic kidney disease is in quite an advanced stage. We will support Tsezar with medication to ensure he can still live a happy life. In February the vets visited Tsezar again since the wound from the rotten tooth removed in January, got infected. After a short treatment Tsezar was brought back to his indoor enclosure again where he woke up quickly and good. 

In October 2022, it was exactly 1 year ago that our brave tiger Tsezar arrived at FELIDA. The 12-year old tiger had a rough start to life. FOUR PAWS managed to transfer Tsezar from Ukraine to our sanctuary, where he enjoys life to fullest every single day. In spite of his chronic kidney disease, Tsezar loves to greet our animal caretakers, play with his enrichment and above all take a nice long nap in his hammock. His happiness makes us proud.

The days were getting colder and we prepared the sanctuary for the winter. Tsezar moved to the big enclosure of Bobby and Elza. We have adapted the enclosures to his special needs. The tiger now has a larger heated indoor enclosure where he can lie comfortably during the winter months. The move went very smoothly. Tsezar found it all very interesting and went to greet his neighbour Nikola straight away!

Adopt Tsezar

The friendly tiger who overcame his shyness



  • Born in Ukraine in 2010
  • Exploited in a private club and used for intensive breeding
  • Friendly to his animal caretakers
  • Playful and joyful
  • Loves to relax in his hammock made from old fire hoses