Lion Bobby in FELIDA

Adopt a Lion or Tiger

Adopt Bobby or Tsezar and follow their journey 


Life long care

The animals that we rescue can count on lifelong care in one of the FOUR PAWS Sanctuaries. In addition to expert and loving care, they get everything they need here: from proper nutrition to challenging enrichment and medical attention. We give this care with lots of love, but it is expensive. Your adoption could help fund their care and support their species-appropriate life at FELIDA. But it can do even more than that: your support does make sure that we can continue to help more big cats in need and create a world where people treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

We’re offering you the chance to adopt Lion Bobby or Tiger Tsezar.

Lion Bobby in FELIDA


The gentle lion with the freckled nose

Tiger Tsezar in FELIDA


The friendly tiger who overcame his shyness


Why become an adoptive parent?

Here are four advantages of becoming an adoptive parent:

  1. You will be kept informed by e-mail about the developments of your adopted animal and be among the first to hear how your adopted big cat is doing
  2. You will receive an adoption certificate with a beautiful picture of your adopted animal
  3. You contribute to the loving care that rescued animals so desperately need
  4. You do not have to worry about your payment. This is automatically taken from your account every month (or every year – depending on your choice). This way you won’t forget any payment

More possibilities

Would you prefer to adopt another animal than a lion or tiger? That is possible! FOUR PAWS also has bears in the adoption programme! Read more here.


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