Investigation into Boskoppie Lion and Tiger Reserve in South Africa


Fighting to ban the commercial trade of ALL big cats in South Africa

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Investigation into Ukutula Conservation Centre in South Africa

Tourists seeking the “Simba effect” 

Lion-cub petting study finds alarming concerns in the tourism industry

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A group of big cat sanctuaries in South Africa who have united to pave the way for animal welfare

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Barely Wild

Inside the big cat farming industry for tourism

Farming big cats is wildly profitable, but the animals there? Barely wild. Caging them for profit is stripping away their wild side and turning them into money-making machines. Tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards are left mere shadows of the majestic wild creatures they are meant to be.

This is the truth behind the business that enriches a few but exploits thousands.

Maybe seeing big cats in person is dream came true for you, but is it really worth it?

A group of tiger and lion cubs

The end of wilderness?

Young tigers behind bars

Stressed cubs can make you sick

Young lion is pulled by its tail

Here for your entertainment

Stuffed jaguar and tiger at Akwaaba Predator Park

Captivity often marketed as conservation efforts

Lion cub at Akwaaba Predator Park

No conservation value

Group of lions and tigers

What happens to the big cats?

Lion cub

Proud about their wildlife

South African wildlife is worth fighting for!

Spot the red flags & try these alternatives



When venues advertise play sessions with cubs or allow interactions, this means animals are not destined to be released into the wild and are likely to be intensively bred.

Lots of species:

Lots of species:

Keeping different big cat species together is contrary to how they would live in the wild. Tigers come from Asia and are non-native to South Africa.

Poor welfare:

Poor welfare:

When websites mention how much they love animals and wildlife, it does not mean they are also providing the right care. Big cats require lots of enrichment and space, a varied diet, often with nutritional supplements and veterinary care.

Selfie opportunities:

Selfie opportunities:

Is a photo worth a lifetime in captivity? Considering the full picture of the industry using big cats for profit, alive and dead.



 Advertising themselves as education and volunteering centers. These are often used to disguise the main goal of profiting off the animals behind closed doors.



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Lions Samson and Tom at LIONSROCK


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