Bear Erich at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach


A FOUR PAWS project for abused bears in Austria since 1998


BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach provides rescued bears a life-long home in a near-natural habitat. Bears that have grown up in human care, unfortunately, can no longer be released into the wild. They have become too used to humans and their support. In captivity, these animals lose the vital instincts they would need for a life alone in the forest. Left to themselves, they are unable to survive. Many of our bears display severe behavioural disorders due to their former caged existence and require the special attention of our animal care staff.

FOUR PAWS aims to provide bears in human care with an environment that corresponds to their species. In our extensive wooded enclosures, our bears are able to rediscover their instincts and act out their natural behaviour. 

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Visitors can take an approximately 500 meters long, circular route, which is a barrier-free path, to look out for the bears or they can get a guided tour through the sanctuary. Visitors who get to see the bears splashing around in the pond, searching for food, taking an after-lunch nap in the shade or just enjoying their life as a bear immediately understand that being held in far too small, badly structured and inadequately equipped cages is a matter of the past for our bears. Dogs can accompany the visitors on a leash and explore many exciting things at our sanctuary.

Guided tours offer a deeper insight into this animal protection project as well as some exciting facts and interesting stories about the brown bears. You can find out more about the tours here.



Founded in 1998

BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach was the first bear project of FOUR PAWS. It was expanded in 2009 and now provides 14,000 square meters of space for our rescued bears.




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Schönfeld 18
3925 Arbesbach, Austria

You can find more travel information here – it is just 2 hours from Vienna (by car),
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Bear Erich at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach

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