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Tiger behind bars

The Tiger Kings in Europe

FOUR PAWS releases new report unveiling out-of-control captive tiger trade

starving lions

FOUR PAWS cares for starving animals in Sudan

Four lions have already lost two thirds of their natural body weight


FOUR PAWS exposes lucrative trade in tigers in Lithuania

Undercover footage shows how tiger cubs are offered for sale 


Cuddling kills: FOUR PAWS warns tourists to avoid cruel lion petting farms

FOUR PAWS warns tourists to avoid cruel lion petting farms


Ruthless Czech tiger trader walks free after suspended sentence

FOUR PAWS calls on the European Commission to finally ban tiger trade


Rescued lions from Albanian horror zoo arrive at new home

FOUR PAWS brings Lenci, Zhaku and Bobby to Dutch sanctuary, FELIDA

Lion at Safari Park Zoo, Albania

FOUR PAWS evacuates wild animals from “Europe's worst zoo”

Three lions and a three-legged bear are among the rescued animals

The trade in big cats from Europe is booming

22,000 euros for a tiger: The trade in big cats from Europe is booming

FOUR PAWS urges the European Commission to ban the trade in tigers for good


From king of the jungle to traded skeleton

FOUR PAWS urges South Africa to change direction on the fate of lions for International Lion Day

Tiger Trade in Europe

'Made in Europe': Bouillon cubes and wine from tiger bones

FOUR PAWS on alarming developments in the light of International Tiger Day

Tiger Trade in Europe

Highly endangered species for sale in Europe

FOUR PAWS research and police raids in Czech Republic uncover ruthless tiger trade

Tiger Sultan

Traumatised tigers receive first medical check-up since their rescue from Syria

FOUR PAWS brought the weakened animals to The Netherlands last year

Transfer of Ivan-Asen

Lion from illegal Bulgarian zoo joins family members in The Netherlands

FOUR PAWS transfers lion Ivan-Asen to its Big Cat Centre FELIDA 

Masoud and Terez

Two Bulgarian lion cubs find a new home in the Netherlands

FOUR PAWS moves the animals from illegal keeping to Big Cat Centre FELIDA


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