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At least 600 - but most likely even more - big cats such as lions and tigers live in appalling conditions in Europe. Locked away in small cages. Deathly ill, starving, maltreated or abused for entertainment. Due to these mistreatments, the animals are often traumatised, both mentally and physically. It is terrible, and it happens right next to us. Here, in Europe. We have to stop this.

FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary is a sanctuary by FOUR PAWS in Friesland, the Netherlands. This special care sanctuary provides specialised care to rescued and traumatised lions and tigers. The animals, which are rescued from circuses, bad run zoos or private keeping, are in desperate need of intensive care. 

When they recover, both mentally and physically, a transport to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa is a possibility. Animals that are too old or sick, will stay at FELIDA for the rest of their lives. Here, they will get the chance to enjoy life again despite all hardships they had to endure. 

To rescue more traumatised lions and tigers and provide them with the best facilities, our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary needs to be renovated. 

For this, we need a lot of money. Please give these big cats a second chance in life and donate today. 

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