Lioness Neida at LIONSROCK

lioness neida

From zoo to circus to freedom


Neida was born in a Swiss zoo in 2003, together with her brother Kongo and sister Nora. At the age of five months they were sold to a German circus where they ended up in shows for years until they were discarded and ended up in the Netherlands. After a life full of movements, Neida finally found her forever home in LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary.

Lioness Neida in LIONSROCK

Lioness Neida in LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

Too little space

When we first met Neida and her siblings in 2013, she was locked up in a small enclosure with no distractions. Because there were too many animals for the small sanctuary, multiple groups of lions had to share one outdoor enclosure, meaning they could not go outside every day. Since Neida, Nora and Kongo had far too little space, they were amongst the first six animals that made the journey from FELIDA Bi Cat Sanctuary to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in 2014 right after the take-over of the Dutch centre by FOUR PAWS. 


In LIONSROCK, the brother and two sisters were released in a one-hectare enclosure where they showed how stubborn cats can be: Neida and Kongo attacked their sister Nora, who was expelled from the pride and later on socialised with another lion. Kongo and Neida remained together. 

Goodbye Kongo

Unfortunately, Kongo passed away in February 2020 as he was suffering from a form of blood cancer. Although every effort was taken, his condition worsened and the LIONSROCK team had to grant Kongo the final humane act and let him go. Since Kongo's passing Neida lives alone but can still interact with her neighbour lions. 


  • Born in Switzerland on February 6th, 2003
  • Sister of Kongo (passed away) and Nora
  • Can be recognised by her 'apple-shaped' head (just like sister Nora)

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