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        Lions Nikola and Vasylyna at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

        Two young lions - One love story

        Rescued 2.000 kilometers apart, one from Ukraine the other from Montenegro. They roamed the streets, alone, scared and left to die. Now, lions Nikola and Vasylyna have a chance at a new life together.

        Lion Simba

        FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary gets an upgrade

        FELIDA is getting an upgrade! After years of preparation, we will renovate the animal enclosures and other facilities to provide the best care for our animals.

        Release at LIONSROCK

        The Women Fighting for Animals Around the Globe

        Meet some of the FOUR PAWS female animal guardians

        Lions Dolf, Vincent and Geena

        The FOUR PAWS young lions roar away

        The almost one-year-old Nikola and the five three-year-old siblings are thriving in their forever homes at FOUR PAWS Big Cat Sanctuaries and giving much joy to all!

        Lioness Ellie after her release in LIONSROCK

        The Journey of the Quintuplets

        Roman, Vincent, Dolf, Ellie and Geena are 5 siblings rescued from private keeping in Romania

        Curator of FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary Juno Van Zon inspects lions Roman, Vincent, Dolf, Ellie and Geena at LIONSROCK

        A happy reunion at LIONSROCK

        Juno van Zon's South African visit gave him a chance to see how other big cats formerly transferred under his care are doing.

        Caged tiger lying in concrete room

        Big Cat Trade: The Thin Line Between Legal and Illegal Trade

        Ruxandra Cracea · 22.9.2022

        Tigers are on the brink of extinction. How did this happen and how does the trade industry work? What is the difference between legal and illegal trade?

        Lions Roman (left), Dolf (middle) and Vincent (right)

        In the wild or in a sanctuary, lions are proud to be a pride

        Ever wondered what makes a pride proud to be a pride?  

        CT-scan for lion Simba

        Medical examinations for the seven Romanian lions

        A few weeks after their rescue, the Romanian lions were examined by a team of wildlife veterinarians

        Afien and lion Bobby

        Taking Care of Traumatised Big Cats

        Afien Groenhof-Westra · 27.11.2020

        Afien Groenhof-Westra is animal caretaker at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

        Erin Liewes and tiger Rhadja

        The Day of an Animal Caretaker

        Erin Timmer · 20.11.2020

        Erin Timmer is animal caretaker at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

        Rescue mission Gaza 2019

        In the Frontline during Rescue Missions

        Juno van Zon · 16.11.2020

        Juno van Zon is committed to animals in conflict areas

        Tigress Dehli

        The Establishment of a Special Care Sanctuary

        Simone Schuls · 7.11.2020

        Simone Schuls is the manager of FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary


        Tiger Mirza rescues the life of Tiger Tomi

        It was a matter of life and death and the odds were 50/50 for the 18-year-old tiger Tomi, who was rescued by tiger Mirza


        Big Cats from War Zones

        In recent years, FOUR PAWS had several successful missions in rescuing big cats from war-torn countries such as Iraq, Gaza and Syria

        Brown bears Vinzenz and Liese

        30 Years of FOUR PAWS

        In 1988, Heli Dungler founded the internationally active animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS in Austria

        Leopard Bakari at LIONSROCK

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