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FELIDA Big cat sanctuary gets an upgrade

FELIDA is getting an upgrade! After years of preparation, we will renovate the animal enclosures and other facilities to provide the best care for our animals.


Improved animal enclosures for intensive care 

The first phase of the renovations focuses on the construction of new animal enclosures, specially designed for animals requiring intensive care. The central building will have 12 indoor and 6 outdoor enclosures and is designed to improve the quality of life of traumatised and injured lions and tigers. This specialised and intensive care is unique in its kind and makes FELIDA an important sanctuary for big cats that need special care. 

Animals come first

Besides the new enclosures for the animals, phase two of the renovation, also provides improved facilities for caretakers and visitors. This will make our sanctuary for tigers and lions more accessible to the public and allow the animal caretakers to do their job even better. To ensure peace of mind for the big cats, visits to FELIDA can only be made by appointment after the phase two is completed. 

"The health and welfare of the lions and tigers in our sanctuary is number one. Visits of large groups at any time of the day are not possible, but something is of course always possible in consultation."

Simone Schuls, Sanctuary Manager at FELIDA

Official “break” the soil to start building the new FELIDA expansion

Important milestone for FOUR PAWS

For more than 30 years, FOUR PAWS have been rescuing and protecting animals all over the world. With the renovation of FELIDA, we are taking an important step in improving the quality of life for big cats in need. Petra Sleven, director of the FOUR PAWS Dutch office: "This renovation is a milestone for us to help big cats in need of intensive care. We are aware of the importance of good and safe care for these animals and are proud to be able to provide it. The sanctuary will continue to provide care for the lions and tiger we already shelter during the construction. The new animal enclosures are expected to be completed in summer 2024, which will soon make room for more animals that need our help.

Two tiger cubs in private keeping


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