Press Releases 2022

Lion cub Nikola at his new outdoor enclosure at FELIDA

A Lion Cub’s Journey Across Europe to a Better Life

FOUR PAWS transfers rescued lion Nikola from Montenegro to FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary 

Argentinian Train Tigers arriving at LIONSROCK

From Argentina to South Africa: ‘Train Tigers’ Feel Grass Under Their Paws for the First Time

FOUR PAWS transfers­ four rescued tigers to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary 

‘Train tigers’ fly towards better life:

‘Train Tigers’ Fly Towards Better Life

FOUR PAWS rescues four tigers after more than 15 years in train carriage

Tiger behind bars in the train wagon

Stuck in an Abandoned Train Carriage in Argentina for 15 Years

FOUR PAWS to rescue and relocate ‘train tigers’ to its LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

A tiger kept in a small cage

‘Year of the Tiger?’

New FOUR PAWS report reveals South Africa’s key role in cruel global big cat trade