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frequently asked questions about felida

All your questions and our answers about FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary


questions about felida in general

Where is FELIDA located?

FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary is located in Nijeberkoop, a village in the northern part of the Netherlands. 

Can I visit FELIDA?

FELIDA is not open to the public, only during special events based on appointments. If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Where can I find information about your work?

Our website, Facebook page and Instagram account are the best ways to be updated on our latest news and activities, as also on our individual animal and rescue stories. 

I would like to come in contact with you, what is the best way to do that?

You can always contact us via email, social media or by phone (see contact form) if you have additional questions about our work. Besides that we have a FOUR PAWS office (of which FELIDA is a project) in Amsterdam, who you can contact for other questions regarding the work of FOUR PAWS.

questions about supporting felida

How can I support FELIDA?

We are very grateful for your help! We rely on donations from supporters that enable us to care for our animals and every donation counts. You can help us in various ways. You can support us with sending items on our wish list, make a direct donation to FELIDA, become a donor of FOUR PAWS, sign our current petitions and much more.

Here you can find all information

How do I report FELIDA in my will?

Please contact us via our contact form or by sending us an email to the following address at any time:, or contact our country office in Amsterdam. We are happy to help!

I am organising a fundraising event for FELIDA. Where can I get information?

Thank you for your support. Please contact us so we can provide you with the concrete information. Please do take into account that FOUR PAWS and FELIDA have a 'no-promotion/no-advertising' policy regarding events and activities that are not our own. You are more than welcome to use our Facebook crowdfunding tool as an easy way to organise a fundraising event and to support us at the same time.

I have a company/work for a company and would like to partner with FELIDA. Where can I get information?

We thank you for support. Please contact us by phone or via email with a brief description of your idea and information on your company, so we can see together what we can do. Please note that due to legal restrictions and restriction of usage of logo, FOUR PAWS does not partner in activities directly linked to the sales of your product or services.

Financially I cannot contribute to your work, but I would like to help you anyway. What can I do?

The best way to support our work in a non financial way is to share our posts on Facebook and Instagram, to sign and share our petitions and to simply 'spread the word'. Also always be aware that animal welfare does not stop at the border: wherever you go, always take animal welfare into account at your holiday destinations, read more about this here.

questions about working at felida

I would like to work at FELIDA, where can I find current vacancies?

At the moment, we have no paid vacancies. You can find everything regarding job openings here.

I would like to be a volunteer at FELIDA, is this possible?

We have a group of committed volunteers who help us in the daily animal care. Sometimes FELIDA is looking for a new volunteer to join our team on a regular basis. For more information, please email to Juno van Zon, Head of Animal & Facility Management of FELIDA, via Also, you can find more information here.

I would like to do my internship at FELIDA, is this possible?

We hire one trainee per traineeship period, to ensure this trainee receives proper guidance and can learn as much as possible. Because it is important that you get to know the animals and our work as well as possible, we only work with block internships. Interested? Send your CV with a motivation letter (including which period and how many hours you are available) to Juno van Zon, Head of Animal & Facility Management of FELIDA, via Also, you can find more information here.

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