The old keeping conditions, before FOUR PAWS took over


FOUR PAWS International was requested to help a Dutch rescue centre in 2013, which later led to a complete takeover


Since 2014, the Big Cat Sanctuary in Nijeberkoop is owned and managed by foundation FELIDA, which is part of the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS. Before that, the sanctuary was an independent big cat rescue centre called 'Pantera'. Due to financial problems and severe overdue maintenance, a large number of animals was in serious need for help. Therefore, FOUR PAWS was requested for help in 2013, which then led to FOUR PAWS taking over the centre.

About Pantera

Foundation Pantera was started in 1992, when the founder discovered that many captive carnivores are killed when they get older and lose their cute appearance. He did not approve of this and offered a place for these animals in a rescue centre in Nijeberkoop. 

Since the sanctuary was taken over by FOUR PAWS and renamed as FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary, the foundation Pantera no longer owns or runs a rescue centre. Despite that, the foundation continues to work towards its goals, mainly by providing support to the Big Cat Sanctuary in Nijeberkoop.

The board of foundation Pantera consists of Helma van de Vondevoort and Barbara van Genne. The board members do not receive remuneration for their work. The foundation does not have any personnel.


This is how FOUR PAWS found the centre in Nijeberkoop in 2013. 

Lion Zhaku at FELIDA

our standards of care

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